Massage Therapy

Massages are designed to reduce stress and promote relaxation and healing. We provide many different massages for the whole body and individual massages for specific areas of the body.

*NEW* Balinese

1 hour 30 mins £80

A full body massage that stills the mind whilst eliminating imbalances of the body. A diverse range of techniques are used for this seamless massage to encourage blood flow, relaxation of the muscles and ultimately to improve your overall sense of wellbeing.

5 Senses Touch

1 hour £70

1 hour 30 mins £80

2 hours £90

For those who enjoy the Aroma but prefer a firmer touch without the traditional Thai stretching techniques, we bring to you the 5 Senses Touch. Alleviate tension and everyday stress whilst restoring harmony and calm to your body, a medium to firm massage using various techniques and pressures to suit your personal requirements.                                                                                                        

Thai Aromatic Oil Massage

Full body: 1 hour 30 mins £80

Full body: 2 hours £90 

Thai Aromatic Back, neck & shoulders: 30 mins £35

Thai Aromatic Back, neck & shoulders: 45 mins £45

Thai Aromatic Back, neck & shoulders: 60 mins £60

Adapted from the traditional Thai massage, this is one of our most popular treatments. It uses a fusion of Thai and Western massage techniques to reduce aching muscles and ease unwanted tensions whilst relaxing your mind and body.

Traditional Thai Massage

1 hour 30 mins £85

This massage is excellent for those who want to feel invigorated, stretched and alive. Your muscles are worked on without the use of massage oil, simply by your therapist’s strength and expertise. We provide our own 5 Senses Spa pyjamas for your comfort.

Aroma Massage

1 hour £70

1 hour 30 mins £80

2 hours £90

A calming full body and scalp massage including face reflexology using slow, smooth movements to balance the body. This light to medium pressure massage focuses on the lymphatic and circulatory systems to improve your wellbeing.

Sa Bai, Sa Bai Massage

1 hour 30 mins £80

Infuse the senses with eucalyptus and say goodbye to mental exhaustion as you enjoy a gentle harmonising full body massage for a peaceful night’s rest.

Swedish Massage

1 hour £70

An energising massage that uses fast movements to help free toxins in the muscles, reduce cellulite and relieve mental and physical fatigue.

Cei Daan Massage

1 hour 30 mins  £80

An exclusive treatment to the 5 Senses Spa that massages all four sides of the body. It is a soothing massage for stiff shoulders and hips; this treatment was personally created to relieve one of the 5 Senses owners frozen shoulder and it really helped!

Mindfulness Massage

1 hour 15 minutes £75

A relaxing lymphatic drainage massage with light subtle movements specifically designed to activate the lymphatic system. Encouraging the lymph fluid to flow more freely around the body, delivering nutrients to the cells and removing excess water and toxins.               

Deep Muscle Massage

1 hour £75

1 hour 30 mins £90

For those who prefer a firmer touch, this is a  rhythmic massage which focuses on the deeper layers of the muscle. Your therapist will use medium to strong pressure to manipulate specific tense muscles and untangle knots to ease tension and alleviate stress.

Hot Stone Full Body Massage

Full body: 1 hour 30 mins £100

Hot Stones Back, neck & shoulders: 1 hour £70

Tibetan monks and American Indians used stones for their many benefits. Let the natural healing energy of hot Basalt stones and warmed oils instill a deep level of calmness whilst unwinding tight muscles and dissolving stress. Relaxing results without the deep pressure.

Shen Mu Massage

Full body: 2 hours £125

Back, Neck & Shoulders: 1 hour £70

The world’s largest grass; Bamboo symbolises strength, peace, eternal youth and has various healing properties.

Submerse your mind with the 5 Senses rendition of the bamboo massage, combining elements of shiatsu, traditional Chinese and Thai techniques to relax the soul, encouraging circulation and releasing body toxins. Be it gentle or deep tissue, the pressure can be tailored to your needs to provide a deep sense of wellbeing.

Traditional Thai back, neck and Shoulders Massage with Herbal Poultice

1 hour £70

Experience the ancient healing art of Hmong Shamans; enjoy Thai pressure points and gentle stretching and let the aromas fill the air. The steamed herbal poultices filled with pure remedial ingredients is rolled and pressed on the muscles of the body releasing any aches and pains.

Silk Chocolate Massage

50 minutes £60

The warm sensation of melted Swiss chocolate and scent of lime in the air is the perfect way to relax. The silk chocolate massage is an indulging and gentle back of the body treatment full of anti-oxidants to firm, rejuvenate and protect the skin.

Thai Foot Massage

Herbal balm lower leg and foot massage 30 mins £35

Aromatic oil full leg and foot massage 45 mins £45

Let the tension gently drift from your body with these leg and foot massages.

Hand & Arm Treatment

30 mins £35

A luxurious hand and arm scrub followed by a relaxing massage.